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A Fresh, Clean House: Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners

Dog Playing at New Haven Pet Hospital


Of course, pets don’t know the extent of their effect on your household. They don’t necessarily know that their paws tracked dirt, mud, litter, fur, or other debris throughout the house.

The good news is that as a responsible pet owner you can take the bull by the horns and run the household your way. That means that spring cleaning for pet owners is on!

The Sleeping Situation

If your pet’s bed has a removable cover, simply take it off and launder according to its manufacturer. Use only mild or hypoallergenic detergent, and a small amount of baking soda to neutralize odors. Attaching it to the outside clothes line can reduce any possible shrinking from the dryer.

If bedding is not washer friendly, vacuum the bed (and the surrounding area), apply a lint roller to it, and set it outside in the sun to air it out for a bit.

Close Quarters

Spring cleaning for pet owners should include an examination or your pet’s collar. If worn constantly, it’s due for cleaning. Lots of dirt and skin oil can build up on collars. Be sure to look out for any possible wear and tear, and replace the entire collar if it looks unreliable or hazardous.

Pulling Out the Tricks

Donning rubber gloves, you can easily pick up loose or dead hair from carpeting, upholstery, curtains/drapes, and other fabric-covered surfaces. Be sure to thoroughly wash and dry them for future use.

Personal Items

Certain objects used daily should be cleaned regularly. Soft, plush toys can be easily laundered in a mesh garment bag. Hard toys can be soaked in a water/vinegar solution (50/50), washed with a brush or sponger, rinsed thoroughly, and left to dry. 

Your pet’s food and water bowls should be cleaned weekly in the dishwasher or in the same solution for hard toys.

Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners

Bathing your pet is vital this time of year, especially if you’ve worked extra hard to make the house sparkle (over-bathing, however, can lead to dry, itchy skin conditions). Select a hypo-allergenic pet shampoo and keep the process as simple as possible. Don’t forget to take time to brush their coat, inspect their gums, and clean their ears.

Don’t Mind Me

It can feel maddening for any of your domestic efforts to be upended by a messy, filthy, oblivious, or accident-prone pet. Keep in mind they don’t mean to wreak havoc on a freshly-mopped floor, or cause exasperation when they climb on the furniture with a wet coat. 

Some animals simply need more help to understand what you expect. Contact us if you have questions about training or our puppy pre-school program, or if you have further questions about spring cleaning for pet owners.