Build On Dog Training With These Simple Commands

woman instructing a russell terrier dog

In order to embrace a lifelong love of learning, we’ve got to start small. Once we gain mastery of something, we can take it to the next level. The same is true in the world of dog training. You wouldn’t expect a pup to know how to jump through a hoop, for example, without teaching them the fundamentals. You can build off of the basics of dog training to truly teach your dog any trick in the book.


Pets as Gifts: Why a Puppy Under the Tree May Not be a Good Idea

Mother and daughter on Christmas day hugging puppy .

Those of us who have our lives enriched by animals often want to share the gift of pet ownership. The cliche image of a sweet puppy or kitten with a bow under the Christmas tree is a hard one to resist! Before you consider a pet as a gift this holiday season, though, New Haven Pet Hospital invites you to think over the implications of pets as gifts.


Got Kids? Guinea Pig Care For Little Experts

Caged pet guinea pig eats fresh red pepper.

Most children adore pocket pets, a fact with many possible explanations. It could be their little paws, twitching whiskers, or soulful-looking eyes. It could also be their very size that speaks volumes to kids. The ability to handle them in the palms of their hands goes a long way toward creating a curiosity and bond that makes adoption a done deal. Of the common exotic pets available, guinea pigs rank at the top. While they are fairly easy to provide for, you should still carefully consider their care needs long before bringing them home.


Pet Costumes: Super Cute or Super Dangerous?

French bulldog in a superman costume near a halloween candy stand.

It’s hard to imagine that pets can get cuter than they already are, but Halloween always proves that they can. There are tons of costume choices out there, and the ones sold at pet stores can provide a false sense of security (they are, after all, designed for pets to wear). Pet costumes might not look like they’d endanger pets, but there are known hazards to dressing them up. A heightened awareness of the risks of pet costumes is essential to a safe, memorable holiday. 


Read This Before Considering Hedgehogs as Pets

Someone waiting to hold an African pygmy pet hedgehog.

New Haven Pet Hospital is all about exotic pets. Dogs and cats are great, but there are so many other great options out there. Bringing an exotic into your household, though, definitely requires some research. If you are considering options and looking into hedgehogs as pets, read on to learn our advice to you.


Choosing Between the Best Pet Lizards

Smiling lady holding a bearded dragon lizard.

Lizards are among the most interesting animals out there, and some make excellent pets for beginners. Available in all sizes, colors, and dispositions, lizards can find a home in many kinds of households. With an equal dose of proper planning and thorough research, you can provide top-notch care for a new scaly friend. We’ll help you get started on this memorable, gratifying experience with our suggestions of the top 5 pet lizards for beginners. 


Exotic Pets: Our Favorite Pet Birds

Exotic pet bird sitting on a girl's head looking to her sunglasses.

We love exotic pets at New Haven Pet Hospital, and birds are at the top of our list for amazing companions. Read on to learn if pet bird ownership is for you and find out more about these incredible creatures. 


The Cat’s Meow: Your Guide to Commendable Cat Care 

Maine coon cat sitting on french victorian chair.

Cats are pretty independent, but whether they want to admit it or not, they need their humans to get the most out of their nine lives. Not to fear, though, New Haven Pet Hospital has all the best information when it comes to providing the best cat care around. 

Cat Care Basics

Cats don’t need a lot to survive, but they do need a few basics to thrive. When welcoming a kitty into your home, making sure that your are providing the basic cat care requirements can get you started off on the right paw. 


Adjusting the Senior Cat Diet for Graceful Aging

A senior cat.

Kittens benefit from specially-formulated diets to support their rapidly developing systems, but their nutrition needs change as they age. Consequently, there are age-specific cat foods that intend to deliver the optimal vitamins and minerals for each stage of life. Senior cat food is no different, but most commercially-available food products are not one-size-fits-all. Older felines need a proactive approach to the senior cat diet, especially if they have a chronic condition or need to gain some weight. 


Tender Loving Care For Senior Cats

Caring for a senior cat.

Has your cat celebrated its eleventh birthday recently? New Haven Pet Hospital welcomes your cat to its golden senior years!  Generally, cats are considered seniors from ages 11 through 14. It’s important to shift care of these older, wiser felines to accommodate their changing health needs. Since cats can’t communicate with us, we have to observe our cats as they age for any signs of discomfort or changes in behavior. The experienced veterinary team at our hospital can help with grooming, dental care, and annual wellness check-ups.