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Veterinary Surgical Procedures

cat laying on a blanketNew Haven Pet Hospital offers a full range of surgical care for dogs and cats. Our most commonly performed surgeries include soft tissue and ophthalmic.

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Soft Tissue Surgeries

Soft tissue surgeries involve tissue and internal organs of your pet. We have extensive experience performing soft tissues surgeries including:

  • Spay—removal of female sex organs for pregnancy and disease prevention.
  • Neuter— removal of male sex organs for over population control and disease prevention.
  • Foreign body surgery—removal of items unintentionally swallowed by your pet.
  • Tumor/lump removals—surgically eliminate lumps or bumps and evaluate for cancer, if necessary.
  • Ear hematomas—removal of blood pockets that form from disease or excessive scratching.
  • Laceration repairs—surgically sealing deep wounds or cuts.
  • Puncture/bite wound repair
  • Hernia repair
  • Cystotomy—surgically cutting into the urinary bladder or gall bladder
  • Stenotic nares—surgically opening the nasal area to aid in breathing for snub-nosed breeds.

dog walking through a tunnel

Ophthalmic Surgeries

Ophthalmic surgeries refer to procedures performed on your pet’s eyes area. We can perform many ophthalmic surgeries such as:

  • Entropion—a rolling in of the eyelid causing discharge and tearing.
  • Ectropion—a rolling out of the eyelid causing pain.
  • Corneal ulcers—a scratch on your pet’s cornea causing pain and tearing
  • Cherry eye—a cherry-like mass on the dog’s eye caused by an enlarged tear gland.
  • Enucleations—removal of the eye.

Please contact us to discuss our surgical services, or to make an appointment.