Adopting a new dog, cat, or other sweet companion into your family is an exciting time. After all, what could be better than adding more love to the household? Many potential new pet owners are curious about whether they should purchase a purebred or adopt. While there are some benefits to both choices, there are wonderful advantages to adopting from a shelter or rescue – including saving a life!

The team at New Haven Pet Hospital wants to encourage you to make the best choice for your family. Here are some of the reasons why you should adopt and the amazing gifts you will get from a shelter pet.

Combating Pet Homelessness 

The unfortunate reality in this country is that there is a huge demand for purebred dogs and cats, as well as exotic animals. This demand encourages breeders who are not responsible or ethical in their practice. Along with the many animals who are rescued from backyard breeders, there are over 6.7 million stray animals who end up in shelters each year.

Seeking the perfect pet is one that encompasses multiple factors, including size, breed, age, disposition, energy level, and so forth. This is where adoption from a shelter comes in. You can be matched to your perfect new pet that is based on these relative factors, rather than just breed alone.

The sad reality is that of the millions who enter shelters, a majority of those pets are euthanized. By adopting, you give a pet a chance on a good life in a loving home.

8 Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt

  1. You save a life. The key reason for adopting is to save the lives of animals. You save the life of not just one deserving animal who needs a forever home, but free up shelter space for other pets needing to be matched with an owner.
  2. You stop the overpopulation cycle. Pets who are adopted from shelters are already spayed or neutered. Most rescues and shelters also advocate for these surgeries and educate the public about the problem of overpopulation.
  3. You decrease the number of puppy mills and backyard breeders. If the demand for new purebreds is not there, there will be fewer of these unethical operators in business. 
  4. You get to choose from a wide selection. The right pet is more than appearances. At a rescue, they will let you know what your pet’s personality and temperament are, challenges they may have, and an overview of their background. This is a wonderful asset in choosing your pet.
  5. You receive a pet who’s had medical care. Adopted pets have already been screened for illnesses, given their vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, and microchipping to ensure their well-being.
  6. You share the joy of adoption with others. When neighbors, relatives, and other loved ones see how great your pet match was, it will inspire them to adopt. You will be an ambassador of adoption and offer education to other possible pet parents.
  7. You pay less. Many purebred or pedigreed pets, especially those that are currently trendy, are much more costly than adoptees. And, you rarely buy a pet who has had all of their initial vaccines or spay or neuter surgery, so these things will also be your responsibility.
  8. You contribute to a good cause. By adopting, you support a critically needed service in your community, the animal shelter. While the end goal is to end pet homelessness, there will be a need to shelter and feed more animals until that time comes. You are contributing to something incredibly important. 

We are so excited for those who are about to adopt a new loveable fur friend. There are many advantages to adopting a pet from a shelter. We are here with you as you make this big decision, and we look forward to meeting your special new pal.

Please contact our team for additional questions or to schedule an appointment. We are sure you will meet your perfect pet match!