puppy socializationLet’s face it, puppy antics are adorable. They want to explore the world with their mouths – chewing on everything in sight (including those new sandals). They love to yip it up all through the night, and they try to chase the household cat. Even when they make a mess, one look at their roly-poly bellies, and our hearts melt all over again.

Unfortunately, puppies don’t stay puppies for long, and some of the behaviors that might have once been endearing can quickly become exasperating. In fact, all dogs require socialization to help them navigate the world and remain at their best. To help you instill confidence and great behavior in your little bundle of fluff, the team at New Haven want to emphasize why puppy socialization and professional classes are so important.

What are Puppy Socialization Classes?

Puppy socialization is not only about teaching your puppy the basics of obedience training, it’s also a great way to strengthen the bond between the two of you. Socializing your youngster should start as soon as you bring your pet home. Formal group classes can begin once your puppy reaches 10 weeks of age (or after he or she has been vaccinated).

At home socialization typically entails gentle handling of your puppy by all members of the family (over an appropriate age). It also includes introducing other healthy, socialized pet members to your newest addition.

In group classes, your pet has the advantage of being introduced to other puppy peers in a safe, supervised environment. This ensures a positive experience and minimizes the risks of taking a puppy in public or into an unknown situation. Puppy moms and dads also have the benefit of being “trained” to provide at-home instruction and social skills.

It’s common for puppies to display a wide range of behaviors that are certainly normal but not always appreciated in a human household. These include: chewing, accidents, play biting, separation anxiety, barking, and other behaviors that should be redirected at an early age.

Lastly, while your pet learns the ropes of how to behave, he or she will also have fun. And that’s what being a puppy is all about!

The Benefits of Puppy Socialization Classes

Some of the paws-itively awesome benefits of puppy socialization classes include:

  • Your puppy will get to socialize with others in his or her age group (and learn how to interact with and follow the order of the “pack”).
  • Your puppy will learn basic yet essential commands, such as “stay,” “sit,” and “come.”
  • You will establish yourself as the “pack” leader, which will help form and strengthen the bond between you and your pet.
  • Other people will also be introduced to your puppy, which is important to socialization.
  • Since the world is full of new smells, sights, and sounds, puppy socialization classes are a great way to introduce these new sensations.
  • You will learn to redirect any negative behaviors at home through positive reinforcement/reward-based training methods.
  • Professional puppy classes ensure all puppies are healthy and vaccinated, promoting safety and well-being for your precious pet.

At New Haven Pet Hospital, we love our puppy students! We’re excited to offer Puppy Preschool classes that are aimed to start your puppy off on the right paw. We help instill confidence, happiness, and contentment in your four-legged pal.

If you’d like more information or want to enroll your pet, please give us a call!