benefits of regular pet groomingAnyone who has spent time around animals knows how often they clean themselves; cats spend hours washing their whiskers and combing their fur to perfection, and dogs lick their paws (and more). Even rodents and reptiles have their own personal grooming rituals.

Like humans, animals look and feel better when they are clean, but pet grooming is about so much more than vanity! Making sure your pet is groomed on a regular basis can actually keep him or her healthy as well as comfortable (and gorgeous!)

Pet Grooming: Health and Hygiene

Whether you choose to have your pet groomed by a professional or prefer to groom him or her at home (or both), regular pet grooming is an important part of your pet’s overall care.

  • Skin  – Regular brushing and bathing gives you (or your groomer) direct access to your pet’s skin, allowing you to see or feel any lumps, bumps, injuries, external parasites, or other problems.
  • Fur – Brushing removes excess hair, allowing for greater airflow to the skin and better circulation overall. For longer-haired pets, mats can cause serious problems if not taken care of; severely matted fur not only blocks airflow, but may also lead to sores and infection.
  • Ears – Your pet’s ears should be kept clean to avoid infections and other problems. Glance inside the ears as part of your at-home grooming regimen, and give us a call if you notice the ears are red, inflamed, or have a foul odor (indications of infection).
  • Nails – Nails that are too long can make walking uncomfortable and can alter your pet’s gait, leading to problems with the knees and other joints. Long nails are also more likely to snag and break, making for a painful (and messy) problem.
  • Teeth – Keeping your pet’s mouth in tiptop shape is an important part of his or her overall care. Make regular tooth brushing and oral inspection a habit, and give us a call if you notice any problems or have any questions regarding oral care.

Maintenance Mode

Most professional groomers and veterinarians will recommend that your pet come in for a grooming about every 6-8 weeks. Nails may need to be trimmed more often, depending on how much wear and tear they receive from your pet’s daily exercise.

In between visits, brush your pet’s fur and teeth daily, and inspect his or her skin and ears for problems.

Regular pet grooming keeps your best pal healthy. A fresh, clean smelling pet is often the recipient of extra pets and snuggles! Give the team at New Haven a call with your pet grooming questions, or to set up an appointment for your furry friend.