pet dental careThere are a few life hacks to make sure changes stick, but it doesn’t ever happen overnight. In fact, some changes can take 2 months or more to weasel their way into our daily habits. Pet dental care is sort of like that. Neither pets nor their owners readily take to daily or weekly tooth brushing, but after a while, the whole exercise is so normal and natural you can breeze right through it.

Establish a Routine

Younger pets may be more open and amenable to having their teeth brushed, but pets of any age can certainly grow accustomed to it. The trick is to stay patient and determined. Don’t give up. Offer your pet lots of praise and encouragement, do something fun before and after, and keep the mood light. You can do it!

We can also help you find the right products that pets will like (think things like bacon-flavored toothpaste). Remember, human products are not safe for pets.

Wellness Exams

A significant component of your pet’s annual or bi-annual wellness exam is a peek inside the mouth. By lifting the flap of the upper lip, we can look for any redness, inflammation, tartar build up, loose teeth, drooling, or bleeding gums. We can also discuss the presence of any of the following pet dental care red flags:

  • Bad breath
  • Eating habits
  • Depression
  • Pawing at the face
  • Missing teeth

A full set of digital x-rays is incredibly useful to see what’s happening beneath the gums (where the majority of dental problems occur). Without this insider view, we’re only getting half the picture regarding the true state of your pet’s oral health.

Going Under

Placing your pet under anesthesia is never done lightly. We recommend pre-anesthesia blood work to show your pet can safely withstand the medication and procedure. Constant monitoring of vitals is performed to ensure safety, health, and wellness.

A professional pet dental care cleaning typically includes the removal of plaque and tartar, tooth scaling, and polishing. Sometimes tooth extractions are necessary, as well as the removal of oral tumors, baby teeth, and overgrown gum tissue. We can also repair jaw fractures.

Pet Dental Care at Home

When paired with specially-approved chews, rinses, sprays, or treats, regular brushing at home can drastically alter your pet’s dental health. We’re always open to assisting you with any questions or concerns you might have. Please contact us to schedule a dental evaluation or cleaning appointment today.