What’s the Connection Between Black Cats and Halloween?

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Cats have been venerated and persecuted in equal measure over the years. Their roles in major historical events, such as rodent-ridders at the dawn of organized agriculture, were not insignificant. Likewise, their influence on people has been immeasurable over the course of millennia, perhaps reaching its zenith in Ancient Egypt. 

Black cats have, perhaps, experienced the greatest intensity of both human fear and admiration. Through no fault of their own, blacks cats began to be seen as pawns of the devil. The result? An odd connection between black cats and Halloween may not be easy to untangle.


New Haven Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Blogs Of 2019

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If you are spending the holiday season in some reflection, we commend you! This time of year usually entails looking back and remembering all the wonderful things the days behind us have brought to our lives. Perhaps 2019 also brought challenges and changes, too. Whatever the case, we can look ahead to the new year with hope, enthusiasm, and a sense of excitement. 

At New Haven Pet Hospital, it also brings a sense of gratitude for our friends and clients who we had the honor of spending time with this year. If you have been reading our blog, we are so grateful to you for your feedback and for letting us explore new topics that we hope are of interest to you. 

Here are the top five blogs of the year:


Cat Wellness: Is It Possible to Have a Stress-Free Vet Visit?

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A fear-free veterinary visit can sound like an oxymoron, but it is an attainable goal for both cats and their people. At home, there is the task of reducing stress and anxiety regarding the travel kennel. And here at New Haven Pet Hospital we are given the special opportunity to help cats have the best possible exam. 

Since cat wellness exams are necessary for a lifetime of disease prevention, this team-focused approach helps us all support feline health.  


Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to New Haven Pet Hospital’s new blog! Please hang tight while we work on our first post!

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