Most dogs enjoy having activities to occupy their time, just like us. But there are some breeds that take that desire to expend energy to a new level. These breeds are in the working dogs class and have been bred for jobs we can benefit from. 

The team at New Haven Pet Hospital wants to give a shout out to our hard working canines by putting a spotlight on working dogs and their roles in society.

5 Working Dogs and Their Jobs

Throughout history, dogs have served mankind in many important ways, to protect the family to herding sheep and beyond, these dogs have made their mark. Here are some of the many roles these dogs have been employed in.

  1. K-9 Police Dogs – There is probably nothing more “official” than the proud German Shepherd working alongside his police officer companion raiding drug busts, sniffing out crime scenes, and chasing down perpetrators. There are several breeds that are trained for police work now, but these special dogs must receive several months of law enforcement training before they graduate to a K-9 unit.
  2. Military Canines – These dogs also work in dangerous situations that require high level training in military operations. Some of the important work these brave pups do include: sniffing out landmines, working as trackers and scouts, and search and rescue. They go into the thick of combat and stay with their assigned officer through every hardship – true bravery!
  3. Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs – These dogs perform a wide range of important services to help humans deal with physical and mental disabilities. As a part of their training, they might learn to assist the blind or deaf, those who require wheelchairs, combat veterans with PTSD, children with intellectual disabilities, and other differently-abled individuals. Service dogs are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.
  4. Herding Canines – These dogs are one of the oldest breeds of working dogs and have been a part of our agriculture-based way of life for centuries. Herding dogs are skilled in gathering sheep, goats, cows, and other livestock together and moving them around safe boundaries within their owner’s domain. Herding dogs often compete in tournaments every year for the chance to be recognized as Top Herder, which, of course, makes their owner all the more proud of their fast and dynamic pooch.
  5. Search and Rescue Dog – Search and rescue canines are called upon when an individual or group is lost in an area that is difficult to traverse. They work by their incredible scent. Search and rescue dogs are essential after an avalanche or natural disaster when people are missing, as well as working with homicide units to find potential homicide victims. 

Got a Career Canine?

There are a multitude of ways that our smart and amazing canines perform work on our behalf. Many working dogs thrive in their jobs and are happiest when active and engaged. We know this is just a partial list of the dozens of jobs canines perform. Do you have a special skill your dog possesses? We’d love to hear about it. 

If you would like additional information on working dogs, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us. And to our working dogs, we salute you!